Illustration by Katalina Gutierrez: Julius Herman Abu, from The March of the Eccentrics novel.

Reviews.  Reviews.  Reviews.  Self-published authors really need to get busy and round them up, and especially take care to add numbers (statistical salvation) in the event that they get hit by a one- or two-star torpedo, aka reader deterrent.  Sadly, though, some authors are just not well-constructed for the business side of self-publishing; they love to write too much and can’t stand the time away from it, nor the pain of forcing one kind of brain to try to be another.  Moon explorers are rarely proficient terrestrial arm-twisters, or reminder-freaks.  It doesn’t help that Amazon often takes down the reviews of best friends, family members and even acquaintances, a step meant to insure objectivity, but one which actually strands new works of art lacking professional PR machinery in a reaction vacuum, and exposes them to the dangers of lone gunman criticism without hope of a friendly counter. Apropos  to this:  Try the following good review to my spiritual autobiography THE JOURNEY OF RAINSNOW.  It was written some time back by a web correspondent of mine (R.H.) who shared many of my interests, and provides another take on the book:

‘There are precious few books devoted to a person's voyage into their own mystical experiences, and so it seemed worthwhile making a special mention of J Rainsnow's first work, "The Journey of Rainsnow: One Man's Past-Life Journey".

‘The first of a series of two books, "The Journey of Rainsnow" is a wonderfully heart-felt, yet highly intelligent book devoted entirely to his own experiences of past life regression and the extensive insights he has received into his soul's journey across the ages. At 600 pages, it seemed impossible that anyone could write so much about their past life insights, and yet a quick glance at the table of contents shows that the book is devoted to the detailed exploration of no less than 11 significant past lives.

‘Each life is explored in-depth and instead of being assailed by meaningless facts and figures, the reader is pulled right into each life with its hopes and dreams, its struggles and disappointments while all the way through, Rainsnow's skill and eloquence really bring these touching scenes to life. By far the majority of the book is devoted to the past lives, but it also tells the story of how Rainsnow as a modern day American was first drawn onto the mystical path and his experiences along the way.

‘For the skeptic, the book would probably suffice as a work of science fiction, but for people who are seriously interested in the idea of past life regression and have little idea how it works or what is really possible, the book is a wealth of information - as well as being very inspirational for those who would like to someday embark on a similar inward journey of discovery.’

The review remains up at a web archive at:

An interesting, related page by the same author may be found at:

Regarding my very different MARCH OF THE ECCENTRICS novel, which is a cultural satire/adventure story especially inspired by Voltaire’s Candide and Kerouac’s On The Road,  here is a rare review, reproduced from a local newsletter.  I know this guy, also, but, seriously: in the world of self-publishing, until you get a real PR op. up and running, few strangers are likely to even find your work in the near infinitude of global offerings.


“If you are looking for a truly epic saga, look no further than this work by … J. Rainsnow.  From death-defying heroism to homey vignettes, from palace intrigue to steamy lovemaking, this story has it all.

“The tale has many tangents that are often like separate short stories. While the author helps separate which chapters further the narrative, to me these tangents (the man with the umbrella, northern headbutting and many others) are often the best part.  So whether you read short bits here and there or the whole enchilada, I think you will find this book is worth your time, especially if you are a fan of alternate history or war novels...”

Thanks, R.S.!

I do have plans to overcome my seemingly nonexistent PR presence soon, and to erupt out of invisibility with my gigantic creative inventory; but as most of my plans, they are neither conventional nor recommended.  So just sit tight.  Rainsnow’s at work in the lab.

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