It was one of the fantasies of all young American men of my generation to be in possession of some sort of secret knowledge which would make us become the target of a beautiful Russian spy. What stunning, passionate women: surely it couldn't hurt to provide them with blueprints of the space-based laser system!

In The March of the Eccentrics, Freddy Wells, who assumes a major leadership role in the independent Eccentrics movement which is fighting to promote justice across the earth, becomes the target we all dreamt of becoming. Anya, a beautiful Russian spy, is assigned to work him over during a diplomatic visit to the Soviet Union, and Freddy must decide if he will crumble or resist... though to use the word 'decide' in that context may be pointless - can one really 'decide' whether or not one will be swept away by a tidal wave?

In this illustration, Katalina was invited to capture the enchanting atmosphere of the moment: the gently falling snowflakes, the spectacular venue of the Kremlin with its fairy-tale-like 'palaces', the seductive warmth of Anya taking advantage of the cold to get closer to Freddy, important life directions hanging in the balance between passion and duty. 

In a preliminary black and white illustration, Katalina laid down the scenic setting of the encounter and prominently placed the two characters in its midst.

Subsequently, she added color, made the sky come to life and placed it over Freddy and Anya in a most intimate way, like the roof of a bedroom, but without losing any of its engulfing might (which reminds one of the power of love, towering above our reasons for not loving)...  And yet, sometimes we do have such reasons...  What will Freddy do?

^ Anya and Freddy in Moscow, the attempted seduction in progress, as portrayed by Katalina Gutierrez.

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