Following are links to various sites, some related to the novel and author, others chosen for inclusion in the hopes of providing a wide panorama of interesting or helpful sites to friends and readers:


J RAINSNOW:  The author of The March of the Eccentrics.  Besides this site, he also operates, and may be found on Facebook:

On 03/24/16, "Facebook Archive 1" was posted on-line, at:   This includes all Rainsnow FB posts from Nov. 27, 2014 - Dec. 31, 2015, including ones which FB trimming-software has automatically removed.  In July 2016, "Facebook Archive 2" (covering January - June 2016) was posted on-line, at:    


KATALINA GUTIERREZ:  The official artist of The March of the Eccentrics novel.  A multi-talented creator of portraits, original paintings, illustrations, photographs, videos and other artistic productions:   Katalina also maintains another site dedicated principally to her work in photography, video, and film:


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