Here is where News and Updates pertinent to the March of the Eccentrics novel, this site, this author, and any and all related activities/developments will be seen first.

08/08/20. Started Blog 12, with an entry on "Reviews."

12/04/17.  Added Blog 10 (centered on Tsushimamire) and Blog 11 (with M.O.E. excerpts centered on Yuki Onomatsu) to our site.  Blog 10 includes a review and lyrics for TSMMR's album "New."

08/22/16. Two new entries to Blog Cycle 9, on Bob Dylan's 'Mr. Tambourine Man', and 'Moses and the Counterculture.'

08/05/16. New Entry to Blog Cycle 9 on counterculture icon Dr. Herbert Marcuse.

08/01/16. Counterculture Entries added to newly created Blog Cycle 9.  Including Chapter 6 from The Message of Rainsnow (featuring poetry by Federico Garcia Lorca and Allen Ginsberg); an original poem about 'other freedoms'; and a piece on Donna, one of the main characters of The March of the Eccentrics novel: the Muse of 1980s NYC Bohemia.

06/20/16:  'TsuShiMaMiRe:  A Japanese Band's Point Of Contact With My Novel' added to Blog Cycle 8.  This is the kind of band that novel-character Yuki Onomatsu would have loved;  so here they are!  Presenting TsuShiMaMiRe!

06/16/16:  'President Obama's Hiroshima Speech' added to Blog Cylce 7. The text of the President's May 27, 2016 speech, plus my analysis and inevitable comments. 

06/03/16:  'The Origins of War in a Technological Society' added to Blog Cycle 7.  Built around a stunning passage from Lewis Mumford's Technics and Civilization (1934), and featuring art work from Diego Rivera's 'Detroit Industry Mural' (1932).

03/21/16:  'Carnival Machine' added to Blog Cycle 6.  'Cheetah Artists, Wolf Artists' added to Blog Cycle 7. Revisions to 'Marketplace.'  Busy day.  Although lots of my blogging is now taking place via my J Rainsnow Facebook page, I want to keep this site fresh, as well.  So I worked up a couple of rough drafts that have been patiently waiting to meet the public.  Also letting you know that the PDF version of the novel is coming out well on smartphones, something I hadn't expected!

12/05/15:   'Facebook and Kafka' added to Blog Cycle 6.  Parallels between Facebook and Kafka's novel The Castle!  I don't like the mysterious disappearance of some of my favorite FB posts - read all about it here!

11/27/15:  One Year Launch-Anniversary of my J Rainsnow Facebook Page.  I like my page, even though FB computers are trying to take it over! See news entry directly above this one! 

08/21/15: 'Errors!' added to Blog Cycle 6.  Dodging the bullet of a mistaken interpretation of Tolkien's creations, aka J Rainsnow pushing the buttons of damage control.

08/01/15: 'Hiroshima Speaking Through Sadako' added to Blog Cycle 5.  Thoughts on technology, war, and humanity, generated by the 70th anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing and the memory of Sadako Sasaki.

05/01/15:  'My Japan Week' added to new Blog Cycle 5.  My review of the local NYC Cherry Festival and 'Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter', tying in with my novel's 'Japanese connection.'   

04/26/15:  Nepal Earthquake Relief.  We posted links to the Red Cross on our Facebook Page ('J Rainsnow'). I've never been to Nepal in person, but a lot of the action in The March of the Eccentrics takes place there (Chapter 49, "On the Roof of the World.")  Can't care for it in writing without lending a hand in reality.

03/07/15:  Glossary added to Blog Cycle 4.  The entry "Who's Who, And What's What, In The March Of The Eccentrics?" is a kind of glossary meant to be used as a reference work for readers who skip ahead in the novel; this entry will help to preserve context, even if one chooses to read what comes 'after' before what comes 'before'!

02/18/15:  Blog Cycle 4 added to the Blogs section.  It features 'How do I read The March of the Eccentrics?', with an explanation of the Chapter Reviews System, designed to help readers successfully navigate their way through the enormity of the novel. 

02/05/15:  New Blog Material added to the site since last entry:  Strawberry Fields, Forever, and Building Cooperative Power:  A Book Review, in Blog Cycle 3.  Plus, the J Rainsnow Facebook page is finally up & doing something.

12/06/14:  Kindle/Amazon Edition of the novel is published.  We previously had the illustrated PDF version, intended for non-reflowable desktop and laptop use, posted for purchase on Sellfy.  Now we have added another option, not illustrated but better suited for small-screen and reflowable devices.  Thanks to Kindle Direct Publishing for making the process as painless as possible!

11/29/14:  Blog Cycle 2 is added to the site.  This section contains some detailed information about my inspirations and influences.

11/22/14 (US), 11/23/14 (GB):   The March of the Eccentrics web site goes up.  Still lots of work to do, but now there is a basic infrastructure to build on.


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