Here, in "The Marketplace", you can find an explanation of the versions of the novel which are available for sale, and the official sales platforms where you can get copies.  Basically, at this time, there are two versions out there.




This is the illustrated version.   It is the larger, more complex option, and probably more comfortably downloaded to a desktop, laptop, or tablet than to a phone. If my math is correct, it contains 14 portraits and 46 illustrations.  I love them all, and think they are a real boost to the presentation.  Thank you, Katalina Gutierrez, for your wonderful art!  For this March of the Eccentrics option we are asking $14.99 U.S. 

To get your copy, follow the link below:




Note the subtle difference here:  this version's cover does not say "Illustrated by Katalina Gutierrez", but rather, "Cover Design by Katalina Gutierrez."  That's because this version has been published without interior illustrations (as well as with greater attention to flowable formatting), in order to function better on smaller devices such as phones.   [ISBN # 978-0-9862 122-1-5] The price we are asking for is $5.99 U.S.

For  your copy of this version:

My own, personal purchasing recommendation? ...The world is too filled with 'either/or.'  Why not buy both versions?!


PS:  A PDF version of The March of the Eccentrics exists, but is not currently linked to any sales platform.  We'll let you know if and when  it becomes available!

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